Accommodating Your Homeowner's Insurance Needs

In working with members of the local Chamber of Commerce almost daily for many years, an agency like ours contributes to the support and well being of our entire community. Yet communities are made up of individuals with unique circumstances. We'll consult closely with you to establish homeowners insurance that meets your specific needs; however, policies often begin with these elements:

  • Dwelling and Structures: Your insurance covers rebuilding and repairs if your home, attached features or related buildings become damaged due to accidents, fire or natural events. Flood damage is not included and requires separate coverage.
  • Possessions: Insurance protects your personal belongings from theft and from damage due to fire or natural events. Making a full inventory helps expedite your claim should anything happen, and replacement-cost coverage eliminates concerns about increased prices for new items.
  • Liability and Guest Medical: Injuries that occur on your property could result in lawsuits. Your homeowners insurance protects you against such claims, and it can also help with injured guests' medical expenses.
  • Living Expenses: If covered damage to your house renders it unlivable, insurance helps take care of the added expenses your temporary displacement creates. These may include hotel, rent, food and more.

In addition to these standard insurance features, additional options are also available:

  • Increased coverage for items of exceptional value, including artwork, antiques, fine jewelry or musical instruments.
  • Help with recovery from identity theft, including lost wages and possible legal fees.
  • Coverage for water damage from backed up drains, burst pipes or other plumbing malfunctions.
  • Reimbursement for home repairs needed to meet building codes or ordinances.

Certain discounts on homeowners insurance are available for carrying multiple policies with us, for remaining claim-free, and for added home protections against fire and theft. Call today to learn other ways we can save you money.